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Re: We didn't hear about what really happened.

Posted by goth88 on October 08, 2002 at 10:49:10

In Reply to: We didn't hear about what really happened. posted by MG on October 08, 2002 at 10:18:32:

It is good to have this history, because there is a lot that I did not know regarding the fellowships, rebuild the pimp-mobile, er, the "Ark" etc. I never went to any "fellowships". I would like to see a thumbnail sketch of what happened in 1993 when No Longer Children quit publishing abruptly after an open letter from the family which they published! It was just before this that I had opened up to exers, and was pretty freaked by the idea of all these people meeting with the cult. Some rejoining. I quit seeking entirely for a very long time. Now I am connected, for about 5 mos. now to internet boards, and now mostly this one. In fact, this seems to be, for me, the only one where I feel like I can write in a non-religious way and be accepted as such. Now there are pushes, it seems to be a "good sample" for any family members who might be perusing the boards. If that is the focus, or if that were to become the primary focus, I think I would be better off avoiding all the boards because I want recovery from, not catering to the f. The things that spoke loudest to me when I was still in and disobeying by reading unapproved lit, etc., was the cold hard facts, and not kid glove stuff. The family already smoothes everything out to fit their bed like satin sheets on tumbleweeds..