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Re: I think we all do care about Family members

Posted by goth88 on October 08, 2002 at 18:47:19

In Reply to: I think we all do care about Family members posted by Donny on October 08, 2002 at 16:51:15:

Sometimes, the written words just do not convey everything I want to say. Or maybe I am just not articulate enough. But what I thought I said was that I am all for supporting f. members that are leaning towards getting out, which, perusing this site would indicate. And I am all for helping any that want to get out. However, when it comes to faithy or the royal family, I have not heard of i.e. Jane B. or Faithy or Stephen or Adria speaking against the core of the family. And some are supported. Since they prefer to remain in or associated or silent and aren't seeking help to get out of whatever they are now into, then I am not interested in being there for them. As others have said, they are free to come here. Different people may have specific issues with some top leaders, and if they do, they have the right to come here and express themselves too. I think what I asked for was a thumbnail sketch of just what happened between 1993 when the No Longer Children newsletter shut down and there was an attempt to reconcile with the family. I don't understand and am not fully aware of what occurred during this time or after. One day, briefly, support was there via the newsletter, and the next, an open letter from the family and the editors visiting them and B. rejoining for awhile. I only know bits and pieces. I don't know how L. home started. These are missing pieces of history that some may think everybody knows, but I don't. That goes to the issue of trust, something we have all had ninja training in NOT having it, I think. Me anyway.