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New Family 'demon' = Christian Vandar & Magma legions?

Posted by Researcher on October 13, 2002 at 16:40:06

Hmmm, wonder where Maria and her group of false prophets got the name Vandari? From Vandar, maybe? Wonder why the Vandari were red like burning magma (Lava) and were "dark"? Looks like some naughty, naughty Family prophet was cruising the Internet and came up with Christian Vandar and his "Magma legions".

(Come on, Maria! Is this the best you can do? Is this the 'revelation' that will save you?)
Look what my google search turned up.

Christian Vandar had closed the book on his Kobaïan saga on the previous MDK, yet Köhntarkösz offers more of the same dark drama. The Magma legions are stripped down and replaced with a more concise band-proper. Vander and Top are front and center, and the power of their rhythm is unworldly throughout the two parts of "Köhntarkösz" that comprise the majority of the album. The first part is built around a relatively simple refrain, pounded into several mutations as the track progresses along. Guitarist Brian Godding, a British recruit ex-Blossom Toes, offers heavy sustained lines, reminiscent of Fred Frith. The chorus is reduced to the vocals acrobatics of Stella Vander and Klaus Blasquiz. The premise is still the same - heavy, threatening, foreboding, but the Magma here feels more rewarding, even as you're kept on the edge of your seat. "Ork Alarm", penned by Top, grinds under his relentless sawing cello and super-deep bass. Part Two immediately is lighter and melodic, built around the hypnotic playing of keyboard players Gerard Bikialo and Michel Graillier, the later with a ripping solo. Magma come close to a form of jazz, and easily their most rewarding recording. The chaos of course rises to a frenetic crescendo, and the album winds down with the calming tribute "Coltrane Sündïa". Vander's fondness for free jazz has always been prevalent. The Magma lineup would contract after this album recording the soundtrack Tristan et Iseult for Barclay, but again swell for the magnificent Live album the following year (1975) in Paris. Vander would also release an album of unreleased live material on the Tapioca label titled Inedits.