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Recent deletions

Posted by WC (Gen Coord) on October 15, 2002 at 04:57:12

The recent discussion about the Moon hoax has been deleted, since it originated on another board, and the discussions were taking the form of: one poster telling another poster what to go and do on another board on another site. This topic has already been throroughly discussed, and since it was not brought up in line with the purpose of this site, it has been moved to the archives.

A quote from a recent mail I received:
"...That's why I like the ex-Fam board and that is about it. Because there is not a lot of the family dynamic so much in practice with conspiracy
theories, end time horror, and so on, as well as bible beating and sparring..."

So the coordinators wish to keep this board focused into what visitors - readers and posters - seem to appreciate most: the absence of sparring about conspiracy theories. Thanks for understanding.

WC (Gen Coord)