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I think we're agreed

Posted by Donny on October 22, 2002 at 12:07:30

In Reply to: Re: My thoughts on the matter posted by goth88 on October 22, 2002 at 10:39:48:

Yes, I've said things like this in previous posts and so have you, and like I said I didn't think I was telling you anything new. In fact, I was a little unsure what it was that we were supposed to be disagreeing about. But it's always good to clarify. Better tedium than misunderstandings.

Yes, any help for ex-members should of course be open to people of ANY age. Like you, I don't agree that those of the first generation who are still in have made their bed and should now lay in it. Seems like they've BEEN laying in that bed for 30-some years, so it's high time to get out of bed and out of the cult.

Big question: it may seem that the focus is on just the SGAs because in recent years it's seemed that most of those exiting have been second generation. I read somewhere that up to 1,000 people have left the Family as a result of reading James Penn's articles. However, I think now the FGs are going to be the next wave because as they become old and almost retirement age they are going to be (you guessed it) DUMPED out of the group.

One little letter of reclassification that says, "Hi, this is loving Maria. Now that you old guys have given us you whole life in loyal service, but are, unfortunately no longer of any use to use, we have decided to dump ... er, reclassify you (for your own benefit, of course.) Happy landings outside the Family with no parents to help you, no pension, no severance pay. But we will of course accept your tithe if you manage to survive.

So very needy FGAs could be a wave of exiting members soon.