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"Sorry, Judas! It's Too Late To Quit!"

Posted by Researcher on October 27, 2002 at 23:54:13

Mo Letters like this were control tactics that made people afraid to leave the Family. That was Berg’s goal. Now we can see what lies these statements were but when Family members didn’t have any other source of information but Mo, this put a lot of fear into them.

“SORRY, JUDAS!—IT’S TOO LATE TO QUIT!” — By Father David - 24 Jan. 1979 - NRS16 DFO 772

14. IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF HE FAMILY, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING BACK INTO THE SYSTEM!—Unless you do what?—What’s the price they will ask you to pay? What was the price they asked Judas?—Denial & betrayal!—They’ll say, “Deny & betray the Family—then maybe we’ll give you a job!” There is no place else to go, Beloved! If you don’t like it here & you don’t like the Family & you don’t like me, well, there’s only one other thing you could like, & that’s the System!

26. THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU BACK WITHOUT DENIAL & BETRAYAL! They will not do it! Don’t think you can go back & have the System receive you without paying their price & playing the game their way!—And there is no place else to go! You say, “Well, I’m just going to go back. I don’t have to be in the Family, but I don’t have to join the System either.

27. “I’LL JUST GO BACK & GET A JOB.”—Okay: “Please fill out this job application, will you? Name & address. Last job. What were you doing? Your last employer—how many years there? What were you doing?” What are you doing to say?—“I was a missionary”? “And here’s your IRS Form. Where is your social security card? You have no social security card?—How do you expect to get unemployment insurance until you get a job?”

29. BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO DO WITH THAT JOB APPLICATION OR THAT IRS INCOME TAX FORM THEY GIVE YOU TO FILL OUT? “Name & address, Social Security number, please.”—“I don’t remember it.” “What do you mean, you don’t remember it? You don’t have a Social Security Card?—You lost it?—Well, then you will have to apply for one.”

30. —AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR TAXES?—“You mean you haven’t paid any taxes for the last five years?! How do you expect to collect Unemployment Insurance if you haven’t paid any taxes?”


33. “YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T PAID ANY TAXES FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS? What have you been doing? Where have you been? My God, we’re going to have to figure out how much money you OWE us!”

35. I HATE TO THIN OF WHAT’S HAPPENING TO SOME OF THESE POOR BACKSLIDERS & how much back taxes the System is soaking them for!—You’ll probably have to work for the next ten years just to earn enough to pay your back taxes! —And the penalties & the fees!

39. BUT IF YOU AN TOT GET BACK IN THE SYSTEM, IT’S GOING TO COST YOU SOMETHING!—A lot more than you ever dreamed of!—and they aren’t going to be very forgiving! They may not just gently ask you for back taxes plus penalties plus interest.

44. Some of you aren’t laughing! “You mean to tell me if things get too hot here, Dad, & too tough here, & all the time I thought I could split anytime I wanted to, that I’m not going to be able to go straight back into the System like it was before without problems?”

54. I AM SURE THE SYSTEM WILL GET YOU!—And if it doesn’t, I know Somebody who will! I know Somebody who will punish you for it!—God will! Did Judas get by with it? Did he get away with it? Did Judas escape? Did he get back into the system?

55. JUDAS ISCARIOT, WHO BETRAYED JESUS CHRIST!—DID HEY TAKE HIM BACK IN THE SYSTEM? (Family: No!) How do you know?—Huh!—They wouldn’t even take back the blood money, much less him!

56. DID JUDAS EVEN GET BY WITH HIS OWN CONSCIENCE? Was he able to live with it?—No!—He committed suicide! We’ve hear that some backslider have gone back & lost their minds or committed suicide like Judas!

57. THEY FINALLY WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE NOT ONLY FORSAKEN THE FAMILY, BUT THEY’VE FORSAKEN THE LORD!—And still the System won’t take them back! They have not only denied & betrayed us, but they have denied & betrayed the Lord, & they can’t stand to live with it!—And rather than repent & come back—their pride wont let them so they go nuts & end it all!

60. THEN, HAVING DENIED US & BETRAYED US, WHAT KIND OF A JOB DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU? Do you think they will ever trust you again?—After they paid you to betray us, they’ll probably say, “Sorry, Judas, but it’s too late to quit your cult.—We won’t accept you anymore!—Run along & get lost!”—And he did!—Will you? Sorry—it’s too late to quit!