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Re: oops: I didn't say some of that the way I meant it...

Posted by goth88 on November 08, 2002 at 12:20:19

In Reply to: oops: I didn't say some of that the way I meant it... posted by MG on November 08, 2002 at 03:48:46:

Thanks for what you wrote. I have read stories of what happened to SGs/SGAs as they grew up. That and separation from family still in, being just cut off from your own blood has to be horrendous. I know when I post it may come across to some as if I deny what SGAs went thru, I don't. And I am also aware that not all SGAs see the older generation as categorically responsible. I know I have said this before, but I will say it again until it sinks in. I did not choose to leave because of the upcoming horrors, though subconsiously that was a factor. I left on impulse believing I was wrong. I felt that for awhile. Shortly after I got out a big hurricane came thru. I thought God was trying to kill us all since I left! We were cursed within and with-out the family! I was incapable of rationally and logically sorting things out for awhile after leaving. Such is the nature of cult programming. I want to support SGs, SGAs, FGAs, any that want to leave. Also, FGAs do need lots of moral support and sometimes other forms upon leaving because they do have to deal with the lengthy time of toxic family membership and all they were a part of within and under that influence. Although I left long ago, I have not really focused on the part the family played in my life. My therapy focused more on my family of origin because it is true that many therapists, psychologists, know nothing about the dynamics of a cult. But I have found one that is willing and very interested in applying her expertise to the information she is receiving. (Articles about Adult exers, SG/SGA exers, some of the letters themselves. She reads with interest EVERYTHING that i give her, incl. articles by Singer and others.)Also I have been searching the internet for cult info. (not from Scientology or the fam. or cults though!
And it is out there!) I very much appreciate the posts that are coming out now, and yes, leaving earlier means I had less family related stuff to deal with as far as what happened with my kids. What is also true is that there were no resources when I got out. And that caused alot of hardships that had great fallout. Hope that all of us telling bits of our stories creates a greater understanding and support between the ages.