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Let's see

Posted by Miguel on November 15, 2002 at 17:34:46

In Reply to: Re: Without Berg could Peter and Maria lead their own F following? posted by MG on November 15, 2002 at 14:15:20:

M&P are in a place known to only a few of their most trusted people. They are also not only physically but mentally and affectively isolated from the rank and file. The walls they have built to protect themselves also blind them and prevent them from having a real perspective of what is going on. They are far gone into the "royal" mode for so many years now that it seems irreversible and confused royal for real. I think you sort of confirm the same thing but from another angle.

So, do they actually feel uncomfortable or even concerned with what some SGAs have been saying, writing and doing? Judging by their answer to the SGA letter, M&P do not even consider it worth much (but they spent a great deal of time and energy in damage control). I attribute that to their separation from reality. The further away people are from that so-called sanctum sanctorum the better off they are but also the more real they get and they are better able to smell the coffee. M&P are lost in their world and even in the unlikely event the they publicly denounce Berg's doctrines, etc. there will be a lot of internal and external resistance and disbelief.

We all know how they twist and speak with a forked tongue. Sad deal, and even if it were true, there is a long haul for them to the laundry room, especially when neither their yoke is easy nor their burden is light. There is a lot of mending to do and simple words will not be enough. I donít feel like they owe me anything but I know there are many to whom they owe.

And then there is David Berg, the original false prophet of freaking pedophilia whose farts they follow.