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Right to expose the *sweet* CherubWings videos?

Posted by One who knows on November 28, 2002 at 08:52:21

Objections range from statements like They're the sweetest nicest videos the Family has ever produced. Leave them alone. Only expose the evil in the Family not the sweet stuff. Or It's only the Family trying to earn some money. Or Sure WS created them and sure the money goes to WS but it is sweet stuff after all.

Remember Rick Dupuis (Watchman) who worked on the original Kiddy Viddys. How sweet werethose videos? Rick said he had to edit over and over just to get the right *Jesus smile* on the kids' faces. Then whenhe was done the project he was put into a victorcamp and driven insane with exorcisms. When he was about to finally leave he asked if he could take one copy of all his video work with him. They orginally told Ricky yes but whenhe asked again Joseph Peloquin (Josiah) said the answer had changed, he couldn't have anything. Rick said, 'But that's not fair'. Peloquin became furious and said, 'I'll tell you what's fair. What's fair would be if I took my fist and smashed you right in the teeth.'

Rick poured his life into making the kiddy viddys as good as possible. The cult rewarded him by driving him so crazy with months of victor camps & hard labor & exorcisms he later commited suicide. Rick also said that to keep the little children from getting lifted up in pride the standing joke was that sending them to victor camps did them so much good & using them in videos lifted the kids up in pride, so the joke was to send all the actors to victor camps to humble them before they used them in the kiddy viddies. This is a true comment. And you wonder why Rick had to edit so much to find the perfect *Jesus smile* on the kids.

You want to say that CherubWings is just a sweet Family project remember the tragic deathof Rick Dupuis.