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Ray, something to seriously pray about

Posted by exmember on December 05, 2002 at 17:10:43

You said you want another solution than just attacking the Family. You make a good point that outside attacks only drive people back into solidarity in the Family when maybe they were on there way out. You never made a suggestion on how to get people out of the Family so I'd like to suggest a very real way you can do that.

I just read a great post by MG below where he pointed out that James Penn's articles ('No Regrets' and 'All of These Things Moved Me') did more to get people to leave the Family than almost anything else. That's because Penn was close to Berg & up there in WS & told the whole inside story.

You also were a leader. I remember reading in a FSM about how you were sent from Berg's house to talk to Timothy Concerned after he had left to go to the field. When Timothy told you Berg had been sick because he was on a 1-month drunk you hadn't heard that & were very upset that Tim had 'lied' like that. Berg posted your letter in the FSM to defend himself, even tho Berg knew Timothy was telling the truth. You were an ambassodor & leader & yet Berg decieved & used you.

You must know a lot that you could write in a very even, fair way. You could write with real love. Please tell the inside story of what you know. It will help dozens & dozens of people to finally make the break & leave the Family. Tell them what you know. James Penn has proved that it works. I read somewhere that nearly one thousand (1,000!!) people left the Family because Penn spoke up. 'Speaking the truth in love.'

Ray, please pray about it. Ed Pribe talked about the military coups Berg was involved in & that shook people up too & Ed's article was written in a very soft tone, IMO, too soft. You could speak the truth in love & help so many. Please don't think your story is old hat or you don't know much.

no pressure but please pray about it.