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If RF ever leaves

Posted by Thinker on December 06, 2002 at 13:57:20

In Reply to: Re: also, can someone please post addresses posted by Sam to Another exer on December 06, 2002 at 11:51:52:

If he leaves the group and comes clean, we should be happy to help him out wouldn't we? Would you help him out? Would you insist he go to prison first? If you think so, shouldn't most of us here go to prison too?

One thing that made soldiers in any conflict refuse to surrender, was when they found out their friends were massacred once they surrendered. I mean, why surrender if they're gonna strip you, take your weapon away, march you somewhere, torture and kill you anyway? Might as well die fighting and take a few with you.

So in the end do people like Ray have a point? We all know that injustices were perpetrated. We know who were behind it. We also know we were once part of that evil lying machine, but we just happen to know better now. I believe you have to fight and expose the F. for its lies. I believe in accountability. But are we scaring people from leaving? I ask these questions because I think it is important to define what it is that we are trying to accomplish.

Like I said before, knowing that helps us to better focus on what actions to take to accomplish our goals.

As MG said, "There is one thing we all do agree on, and thatís removing the head of the snake. So it must be the means that are being debated."