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My suggestion

Posted by Thinker on December 06, 2002 at 15:43:29

In Reply to: You have a point here posted by Post R on December 06, 2002 at 15:02:17:

We continue to volunteer our time and use all the resources at our disposal to put pressure on the F., breaking down its cover-ups and fronts, and expose its lies. When approaching F. members directly like Sam A. did, asking questions, we offer an alternative, something like,

"This is not necessarily personal. We were once ex-members just like you. Can you think of any alternative to denial, or throwing us the F. line? If you are on your way out, we'd suggest you get on your way and we'll give you a hand. If not, there are a lot of upset people and in our actions against the F., you stand to lose a lot by being in the line of fire. You will eventually be made to take responsibility for the crimes you are helping to perpetrate, and for contibuting to the cover-ups orchestrated by the top which prevent accountability for crimes and problems committed/created by the F.

I agree about Ray, I think. I think it's one thing to communicate an angle for consideration and discussion, and I often rather enjoy his input. It's another thing when after having said everything, it seems like you never said anything at all. The point of discussion is to come to a new realization together, otherwise we might as well talk only to ourselves. But then, I haven't personally interacted with Ray enough on the boards, on certainly not in real life, so I can make a full accusation like that just yet. It's quite possible he thinks we're all belligerent and hell-bent and making the situation worse.