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Letter to Bill Curtis

Posted by Sam Ajemian on December 07, 2002 at 20:19:57

Dec. 7, 2002

Dear Bill Curtis

You had asked me to respond to the letter you received from RF. I sent you some other material to read and here is my response to his letter to you.

When I called the Sunny Side Up office and was talking with Cheryl, I asked her how long she has been in the Family. Her response was “It’s none of your business.” I am 99.999% sure she and Fernandez are Family members. Sunny Side Up, legally speaking, is an independent organization, but it is a business front for the Family.

The following quotes from his letter concern his membership with the Family. “I don’t know why the Lord led me to them considering later there were things that were definitely incorrect.” “I was in and out of the group for a while but my focus was always in witnessing and after a while I started working independently.” “Have as I said acted independently for years.”
“I apologize for all this – never my intention and as I said earlier I did not mention it because I have been independent for so long.” I believe these statements are untrue. He joined way back and has been a member all these years and he is a member now.

He writes: “Sam Ajemian does not know me.” It is true I never met him but I know a lot about him from his relationship with Rick Dupui, his involvement with the English court case, his role as member of the Board of Directors of Family Care Foundation (a fundraising front organization for the Family) and as the man in charge of the group’s video ministry both before and after the formation of Sunny Side Up.

He states that going to court is a horrible example to the unbelievers, it turns the Lord into a spectacle and stumbles people. His lifestyle in the Family is a horrible example to unbelievers, it turns the Lord into a spectacle and stumbles people. Not exposing him would be a horrible example to unbelievers and would stumble people in that we did not warn the world about this perverted group.

I have not heard from you for a few days. I would like to know of any new developments or of any decisions you may have reached concerning your relationship with Sunny Side Up, that is, if you wish to share this information with me.

Let me know if I can help in any way,

In His service,

Dr. Samuel Ajemian