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Posted by Sam Ajemian on December 09, 2002 at 08:44:04

RF wrote to Bill Curtis: " I know that this also brings up involvments in 'Torchbearers' - may I suggest not involving Sunny-Side Up? If you feel okay - I can continue to do the scripts and get the project animated and recorded etc as usual but not under any company name - it can be yours. I am also more than willing to drop any mention of my name in the product and wouldhelp you just get it done even coordinating the animation with Asia and the people that we work with in other countries. I would be happy to getthem in direct communication with you."
It turns out Toarchbearers in just a name for a VisionVidio project they were working with SSU on, and not a separtate Christian ministry as we thought.
I got the following from Bill Curtis this morning. "The Torchbearers you mention is a future project we were working on. This is
now on indefinite hold. This project has absolutely nothing to due with "The
Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers" Know as Torchbearers that
you mention below. If this project is ever pick I doubt we would use the
Torchbearers name."
He is panning to have a meeting in person with RF in January. He is reading all the material I sent to him. Sam Ajemian
ps. So please don't send any e-mails to Toarchbearers. It would be a good idea to contact EWTN however, a Catholic TV ministry that is selling Cherub Wings.