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Re: repost. from below. moral dilemma with selective pubs and memory

Posted by in the archive on December 09, 2002 at 20:15:24

In Reply to: Re to Ray on Dilema :Post and apology from below posted by Rocky on December 09, 2002 at 19:45:08:

ray, i read in your post below,
"...i left in 1990 b4 victor camps..." before the stuff the sgas report even happened. (?)

for your own memory's sake: by 1990 the following pubs (among many) had been out...some for years:

- the davidito book
- the girl who wouldn't
- the last state
- the devil hates sex ( and i guess women too)
- the genesis series
- faithy's expose' of her sister Deb because she wrote the that expose she says Bill was having sex with joyanne when she was only 12. i will NEVER forget reading that. is that because i am a woman?
- the answer to your questions in which Berg makes it pretty clear what the loopholes are about child adult sex
- the burn after reading notices (BAR) about some of these relationships
- the FSM series of the day of reckoning in japan with the keda and faithy retraining which contained some pretty ghastly accounts of abusive behavior and training/retraining sessions, including Faithy's PUBLIC vitriolic abuse of certain people in least i used to shiver reading those...
- in India, where you have been, the VS's Tim and Faith talked publicly about he having a relationship with a 10 year old (again i freaked...when and where could i go, i felt tehn)

and i could not say, oh well i left b4 1990, before the victor camps...what does that mean?
are you just a little bit in i used to be long ago? is it so easy to dismiss yourself with such a statement? there is very little to dismiss here unfortunately, even though it is hard and very sad.
were you reading the pubs i listed above?
wasn't THAT enough? wasn't the last state enough?
i did not have a way or the strenght to leave when those came out and i regret taht, and i also left in the early 1990's and i was never interviewed for a position with the 'folks'...but to act as if that was reason not to know...i think that is the thing that makes some younger people furious. well, it makes ME upset too, but i will eventually forgive you for that, since i know you will forgive me for this very post.