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Re: Re to Ray on Dilema :Post and apology from below

Posted by posted by Rocky on December 09, 2002 at 19:45:08:

It is probably too late in the evening for me to be posting here calmly and I apologise for that, but I am friends with your sons, and I was there with one one them in the Jumbo and everything he went through.
Have you talked to him about it? I mean really listened to what he has to say? You were there in the Jumbo, and for some reason I remember you in the UK after 91, though I may be mistaken. Do you know what happened to the children in the Philippines? Do you care? Care enough to take a stand against it? Do you know how what happened to him there has affected him? The complacency of people like you and like my parents makes me very angry. I am glad you can gloss it over. We cannot. Yes it is painful and yes it is ugly. We deal with it. Why don't you?