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Still too angry

Posted by posted by in the archive on December 09, 2002 at 20:54:23:

Ray was there, he saw what happened with his own eyes. There were 2 girls who were (I think) 10 years old who were beaten (pants down) in front of all the adults in that compound.
Please don't give the tired old story of "oh we had no idea". Every adult who was in this group after the Davidito book was published saw PHOTOGRAPHS of a young boy being molested by adult women. They read "Circumcision", "The Little Girl Dream", "The Devil Hates Sex". You are accountable. Why did you turn a blind eye to what was happening? Why did you let this continue? Why did you let these people do these things to us? You are responsible.
You know, I don't care if you are in or out, if you hurt children, you will be held accountable. It's not about religious beliefs, who cares about that? It's about the things that you did and the thing you allowed to happen.
We are "no longer children". It has taken many decades to bring some of the Nazis to justice. Do you think that our own fight is without personal cost? I have been fired, dumped and lost close friends over what I have talked publicly about. If you care so much about what happened, then take a stand.