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Cult member, victim, pedophilia, mind control, victor camps, idealism,

Posted by MG on December 10, 2002 at 00:29:22

I read the “Davidito Book”, and I read the “Last State”. I read quite a few other pubs that generated abuse. I did not protest, I did not pack up and leave the Family with my wife and kids.

I was a Jett teacher and spent hours discussing the Techi series with young teenage learners, and in no uncertain terms spelled out how they could be in danger becoming a “Mene case” if they did not yeild to “God’s Highest Will” and the “Calling” He’d given them to the “leaders of His people” in "these last days of man’s history" on this earth.

And I believed every word of what I was teaching.

We had no Victor camp at our school, we were a school home in the Brazilian boonies, but we did of course follow some victor program practices, it was in the pubs. So I'm responsible for having placed some young teenagers on some silence restrictions, etc., though we never had food restrictions.

In our school the main result of the Techi Series and Victor Program FSMs was quite a lot of united prayer sessions for the adults and teens alike to be prayed over for deliverance from a multitude of oppressing demons, spirits, sins, vices, nwo’s, and etc.

The fact is I believed that I was doing God’s Highest Will and that the children we were raising were the true hope of the future, the greatest force of righteousness the world has ever known. This would be the fruit of our obedience to our leadership: First of all this leadership was the Mo letters and his sample of dealing with the spiritual problems a young person might have. Mene being a prime example. Later, it was Techi and Davidito who became the samples. I did not believe Berg could be wrong. If it entered into my mind that something was wrong I automatically reacted by rebuking that thought as a lie of the devil and quoted verses such as “I will not lie unto David”. We also had a multitude of FSMs with Sara’s, Faithy’s, Ricky’s, Elaine’s, Mary Mom’s, and many other’s counsel on how to help our children “make it”, and how to help them not to be “left behind” on the old bottle scrapheap, “tomorrow would be too late”. “Old Bottles” from ’73, this was just as much for our children as it was for us when Berg sent it to his idealistic young hippie following.

I know I that my mind was controlled. I can’t excuse myself with that fact either,but perhaps it explains some of own abusive actions to my own children and the Jetts I taught.

The Davidito Book and pedophilia: I cringe when I think of how I actually got under condemnation because I believed that I fell short somewhere in my salvation, I believed that I wasn’t “fully cleansed” by the blood of the Jesus, I wasn’t “truly 100% free in the love and Spirit of God”, and why did I feel this way? –Because the thought of an adult like me having sex with a child, freaked me out.

But instead of seeing how wrong Berg and his doctrines were, I thought the problem was with me! (Now I thank God that I wasn’t “sinless” enough. I don’t have to live with any such sex abuse experience involving me personally as an active participant, I put it in those terms because many an SGA will say that I was "personally involved", because I stood by while other committed such acts. To tell the truth, I never saw any adult with minors sex abuse happening in any of the homes I was ever a part of. I read about it, yes. And at a couple of homes that I visited, I will admit that I saw signs of it. And yes I’m guilty for not having done anything. I’m also guilty of having believed that it couldn’t wrong because the person whom I believed to be God’s mouthpiece on earth said that it wasn’t wrong.

The summation: I’m one hell of a guilty-as-charged victim & survivor.