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Re: Re to Ray on Dilema :Post and apology from below

Posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 06:19:45

In Reply to: Re to Ray on Dilema :Post and apology from below posted by Rocky on December 09, 2002 at 19:45:08:

as i said, i do not have any desire to act in any way as a judge or spokesperson for anyone or anything. i'm just a guy who has made so big boo-boos in his life, trying to struggle across the finish line of life , redeeming what damage i can along the way. i post here as a mamber of the exfamily "community" (used loosely), w/ some personal interest in what happens vis-a-vis the family due to current connections, and carryovers from the past. i do learn from the boards. often have to open my mouth wide to change feet. and express my personal point of veiw when something seems illogical, and possibly counter productive. i don't "counsel the local exmember community"..frankly the local exmember community would tell me to shove it up my archives if i tried. they can barely take my stupid jokes, and only listen w/ one ear to my theology to be nice to the senile old guy. but having said that , 2 points about your post:

1)"i struggle to understand.."..really? i would have thought one in your position, and as deeply involved as you are in the current controversies would have studied up on thought reform issues. my personal veiws on accountability may not mirror much of what is written in that field, but undertanding the dynamics of how it works, and its bearing on these issues seems pretty basic..imo.

2)you don't have to convince me that the family stinks. but i still don't get how the actions outlined will do the job. waco solved the koresh problem. by "at all costs"..i was pointing out that sometimes the attempts to solve an issue , if not thought thru, can actually cause a lot of other problems. this ssu issue has been talked out, imo. but what actions against individual field homes are you willing to pursue? and what do you invision being the result of that action? how do you envision bringing m&p to justice? have you thought about how "persecution" in the past , and current family thinking on the subject will affect actions/and reactions? the family has already outlawed the practices for which you want to bring them to justice. the argument has been made that drastic action in the past has caused the family to change. fair enough. but what else do you want them to outlaw? they will not simply self disolve. so if the point is to see it reformed, what will you force them to do? if it is to dismantle, how will you accomplish that by attacking former members who don't even support it, or current members on the ground floor? m&p don't give a hoot. how will you get to them? if you can, then why not just do that? maybe i'm slow...but i can't follow the logic so far.

i would say thanks for the apology, but as you'll notice, a fat lot of good it did me! ha. have a good day.