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I think many are trying to understand

Posted by Miguel on December 10, 2002 at 10:38:04

In Reply to: so take me out and shoot me! posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 05:14:55:

I happen to believe that the vast majority of posts are in good faith but this type of media makes communication and understanding things a bit difficult and most of the time oneliners don't help.

Communication will not just happen by a miracle (except for miracleworkers) so people have to work in their communications skills. To blame the other party for problems in communicating is not the solution.

What you have brought to the discussion is the idea that whatever actions taken against the family will have a negative effect on individual members. That is not new but it certainly is an unpopular stance because it preempties any actions against the family that some people are intent in carry on.

Centers of assistance have also been discussed but never got further because of lack of resources. You did talk a little about one of them with which you are familiar but never exnded much on it and left it at that. People have asked you about suggestions on how to proceed and I think they are still waiting for you to address those questions.

I apologize if this characterization is incomplete and I am missing something but it is based on your posts. What people see as attacks to you because of your ideas are really cries of help to understand you. What is it that you are trying to say that can be added to that proverbial big picture?

If this board is to serve as a discussion board, at least let's not go around in circles but stop every so often to see how things are going and if there is any progress. Otherwise, why even bother, for entertainment? I don't think people who participate in these conversations would see it that way. Serious things have happened, serious things are being discussed, serious people are participating even if as emotional issues still trigger angry reactions but that is what we have been living with and the legacy of one known charlatan.