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some good questions for discussion

Posted by ray (reposted) on December 10, 2002 at 12:13:53

I thought this was a good post by ray & worth continued discussion. it was way down the page so I thought I'd bring it up to the top. i think ray asks some good questions about the exact hows of dismantling the Family. also we should discuss why focusing on CW instead of FCF, etc. & yes it would be good to focus on the issues instead of the personalities.


i've done the best i can in many posts to explain why i have questions about the deal w/ ssu, and the concept of attacking field homes as a way of "dismantling the family." if i thought there was a "dismantle" button somewhere i would push it myself. but it doesn't work that way.

have you read my post to rocky somewhere way up the page? do you , or anyone have the answers to those questions? if so, i haven't yet seen them. but i am willing to be convinced.

so what is my solution? i've also expressed my limited thoughts on that over and over, tho it gets buried under personal attacks on me. reach out in an acessible way to current members. do whatever can be done to aid in the recovery process for both fg &sg's, and consider specific actions in such a way as to try and minimize damage to the lives of fellow victims, in or out...while looking for a way, if there is one, to pull the plug on m&p &ws.

i have another question. why isn't fcf a more important target than ssu? is it just because it is easier to get at ssu? seriously. was that an episode i missed while travelling? that does seem more ws linked, and key to its operations, target. am i missing something?