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FCF's day is coming soon enough

Posted by Career adviser on December 10, 2002 at 14:06:51

In Reply to: Sometimes you have to follow the food up the chain a link at a time (NT) posted by Rocky on December 10, 2002 at 13:32:06:

i think Gary knows that which is why he reads the boards & is probably reading this leter now. (hi Gary.) gary is a differnet case from Roberto you see. Roberto is probaby sincerely deceived tryng to do good as best he knows how. unfortunately he has to lie to cover his ass. Gary is a more sad case cause Gary's eyes are actually open & he knows good & well that the Family is seriously fucked up. but Gary wants the good life &his position at FCF gives it to him.

nowk, people have some issues with Gary cause he was a big leader but as fas as i've heard he hasnt abused any kids so he still has time to make a clean break of it &get off the sinking ship. that's my advice to you Gary. Just phone Peter up & resign, lock the office & take your kids & wife & go out & find a good job in some kind of sales. you'd be good at it.

if you want to cover your ass so P&M can't get back at you, i'd advise you to grab as many of the confidential files as you can get your hands on while you're sitting in the office. get your e-mail correspondence & copy it & then leave. if your wifes a true beliver then start telling her about the high-level shit you know about. tell her you guys gotta leave. FCF's day is coming but you personally do't have to go down with the ship.

Think about it Gary. your a survivor & i've heard your a shrewd businessman. beter plan ahead now cause FCF's day is coming.