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Fernandez -- in or out ?or in AND out & in and out &......

Posted by R. Fernandez (reposted) on December 10, 2002 at 18:28:17

In Reply to: do you have any idea how ... posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 16:46:13:

Dear Bill and Ken

1) That we are funneling finances to a "group" or supporting any group whatsoever is so unreal.

(Translation: I am not sending the bulk of the money to the Family. I am not even tithing. That is so unreal. therefore I am not a Family member as otherwise I would be tithing.)

2) To give you a brief history of my time in "The Family" .... It was a year or so later that when I moved to Costa Rica I met the "Family" I don;t know why the Lord led me to them considering later there were things that were definitely incorrect but that the Lord led me to them in the first place I can't deny

(God led me to them. I can't deny that. There were things that were 'incorrect' about them -- e.g. Jesus did not return in 1993 -- but truly God led me to them. so they are good people, just incorrect on some issues. I trust this shows I have made a clean break with them.)

(3) I was in and out of the group for a while but my focus was always in witnessing and after a while I started working independently.

('After a while' meaning possibly a short while, meaning I joined them long ago and left them long ago. I was 'in and out of the group' never really a fulltime member. OR....I started working independently, not part of a WS setup but out on the field & still a member.)

(4) In or out of the group, there have been things in my past that I regret

(Whether I'm in a sex abuse cult or not makes no difference. What's the difference? I make mistakes in or out. I trust this shows I have made a complete break with them & renounced their abuses.)

(5) I was always pretty active in witnessing ministries and hence people may know about me in the group but I don't know everyone and have as I said acted independently for years.

('I have acted independently for years' meaning it's been YEARS since I've been with this group that had some incorrect things. Years. How many years since I have left the group I won't say, but since even when I was 'in' I was in and out, it's almost like I was never really part of them.)