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does this apply to Fernandez too?

Posted by exmember on December 11, 2002 at 15:18:00

i often go to MovingOn & when i was there yesterday i noticed that the SGAs were talkig about 2 SGAs still in the Family who had mastered a dificutl Thai dialect & were very famaous as a singing group. there very big in thailand but no one's exposing them. but what struck me was that none of the posters there even hinted about going tothe media. the big feeling was that if even if some SGAs thot those 2 singers sucked, they were willing to let them be. so my question is can we apply that principle to Fernandez & simply wish him well or are their mitigating facts in this case?

why expose Fernandez if we dont know for sure hesin thethe Family? now like ray i do belive gut instinct thatFernandez is a CM but i don't know & i guess none of us know for sure. all we know is Fernandez is probalby lying.

i think Gary's differnt. ray says just last year Gary admitted he ws still in the Family. so shoudl we be tryingto expoe Garyinstead.