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SSU, FCF, etc etc Caution: bitching phase!

Posted by Rocky on December 11, 2002 at 15:36:39

One of the key problems with this whole issue is the matter of the lack accountability with the Fam and its various spin off productions, fronts, reforms and other "creations" is the impact this lack will have on others. Assuming that these are indeed parts of the family and family is involved( I believe they are, just follow the money)the impact will hurt innocent people. If it gets public, as it probably will, any innocent buisness partners that are not ex famil and never were remotely connected with the family will be hit hard and could go down with them.

This is the crisis of dishonesty that the family shells, shills and fronts or "new" improved recreations bring upon others. How would you feel coming to work one day at VV(Curtis) and watching your whole agency burn down because you have been linked with a notorious sex cult through a buisness arragement you entered into from good-faith honest position? How do you think I feel as a catholic and abuse victim when I see the family using a front to fund itself at the expense of a church already struggling with major problems?

Why is it so often about considering how RF, or whoever, may be impacted and not about the cascade of victims the family produces? If we all collectively do not attempt to set the record straight who will? Sure we all have our views and positions but right now I see a new bunch of victims happening in front of our eyes through these fronts.

Dr. Sam is just one individual that raises controversy through his role calling the fam to accountability. Sure we agree and disagree but I for one feel his work and services are very much needed. No one likes a watch dog at times but he is out there keeping a watch on the junkyard known as the family. It is a comfort to me that someone is out there doing it.

Jules is another and I am very thankfull she is around to kick our butts with the truth at key times. The victims are real, it actually happened and we are at a significant point in this journey of recovery. The facts need to come out and the survivors of this nightmare vindicated.

Baulky Bitch Rocky