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Re: Dealing with the "Christian factors"

Posted by Miguel on December 12, 2002 at 03:23:48

In Reply to: Dealing with the "Christian factors" posted by Donny on December 11, 2002 at 23:17:43:

Some premises:

1. The Family is not a Christian organization even though there are Christian elements and it is Bible based.

2. Many teachings in the Family are not Christian, they are even anti-Christian, but many of the Family members are deceived into thinking that they are Christians.

3. Many people, even most people, in the Family are trying to do the best they can but follow guidelines that lead them in paths of self deceit.

4. The Family has to come clean and confess all the many issues in their history about which they have publicly denied, lied and twisted, and continue to do so as exemplified by Mariaís reaction to the pleas made by children of the cult (SGAs).

I have no interest in actively pursuing the dismantling of the Family as an organization. It is a prerogative of its members to believe as they want and to fellowship with whoever they want as much as I claim the very same rights for me and for my family and loved ones. But as you say, it is devastating to look at oneís past and see that so much time was lost and so much idealism thrown out into promoting a sorry cause.

Based on the above I ask myself: What do I hope to accomplish when posting here? What are the chances that the Family will reach point 4 above? Being honest with myself, I donít ever see the Family doing that. Neither do I see the Family being dismantle or disbanding itself. However, I have preserved my faith in God through all these years and know that miracles happen. Meanwhile, why am I here?

I think I am here in search for something I lost sometime ago and I canít even remember what it is. Iím here because when talking about these issues with others I can understand my own state of mind and my own reality back then and now, because I like to read other peopleís experiences and see if they are similar to mine; because I learn from the many similarities and differences I have with the experiences of others. The truth is that Iím not clear why I am here and I wonder.

Perhaps it is like you said: letting the morphine go and the pain crawl in bringing what is real not only in us and to us but in others as well. Yes, it is not an easy experience but it is cathartic. Perhaps because I believe that not listening to what others have to say is dangerous, or because I know that willingly ignoring the experiences of other people only perpetuates a pristine image that is not there Ė it is never there. I wish the Family would change in those troublesome spots. They might be surprised of how much support they would get if they at least try to come out clean in spite of their doctrines and behavior. It is too bad that I donít think it will ever happen. There is so much pain that only they could heal.

It is so bad that being able to do good they do not.