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How about a resource for that purpose?

Posted by Donny on December 12, 2002 at 13:02:56

In Reply to: the long crawl back to reason posted by exmember on December 12, 2002 at 12:40:35:

Jules, I wonder if you would consider it worthwhile to take a step in the direction of making parents aware of the pain of SGAs? I'd like to make this suggestion to the coordinators of this site at the same time.

A lot of FGAs who now have grown children, do not read MovingOn and if they do go there, have difficulty navigating the site and finding the exact posts that they should read to wake up their sense of outrage and sorrow for their own children. But they do read boards like this one where there is only one main posting forum. So how about if your letter and other elated "primer" articles by SGAs were permanently posted on a spot on this board, like in one of those brown tabs to the upper left of the screen?

That way technologically-challenged FGAs, of whom there are many, could find and read posts/articles written by yourself and other SGAs and be made aware of the burning issues you mentioned in your letter. It's enough that your generation has to deal with the instituionalized abuse (sexual, physical, mental), but you shouldn't also have to deal with your parents being ignorant, whether willfully or simply ignorant, of what your generation suffered. You shouldn't also have to deal with the profound sense of loss of those who should be offering emotional support and understanding, not doing so.

Or if you would prefer, how about just a link from this site to yours, and having those resources (aimed at FGAs) on your site? Call it a Primer for FGAs or whatever. Post some of the most shocking stories of abuse and show how it was rampant and widespread, from sexual abuse, to deprived education, forced child labor, victor camp horror stories. What I am suggesting is giving the adults a "reading list" and though I hate to make the comparison, it really is necessary.

That way you won't have to keep dealing with blissfully ignorant "floating" FGAs who don't have a clue about SGA issues. They will all be informed, they will be without excuse, and you and others will not have to constantly be explaining the fundamentals of institutionalized abuse. The list of articles will be a must-read and any FGA wishing to enter any meaningful disucssion of overall issues. Anyone who continues to post in their sleep will be first asked, "Have you read those articles?"

I don't know if it matters if if such a resource is on this site or MovingOn, just so long as it exists. Your letter makes me see the very real need for FGAs to be fully informed in the basic issues relating to SGAs, and told in articles written BY SGAs themselves.