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I agree and disagree both

Posted by Donny on December 12, 2002 at 17:07:49

In Reply to: one(rather big one) for the road... posted by ray on December 12, 2002 at 16:35:11:

Good point about having a longer post to explain your position, and I think you did that very well, altho I do sort of get the feeling like I've seen this meal before and it's the day before yesterday's leftovers pulled back out of the fridge. But I do agree with much of what you said.

Re: your suggestion: someone needs to phone SunnySideUp and talk to them plainly. I agree tha would be great. As you said before, you don't think Sam Ajemian's original phone call to them and brief e-mail exchange with Roberto, accomplished that. But he tried. He wanted to talk with Roberto and Roberto was always "travelling." Hmmmm. Even if he did somehow magically pick up the phone when Sam called you agree that "deceivers yet true" has been instilled into FMs brains for so long that they do not always readily tell the truth, even to the most common, straightforward questions. Or should I say, especially tot the straightforward questions.

So should Sam (who appears to be the only one on this board with a telephone) make another phone call to Roberto and try to talk to him? I don't think Roberto wants to talk to Sam and might not even want to talk to you if you phoned him. By "talk" of course I mean talk openly and honestly.

I know I've only addressed one issue you raised but it does seem to be one of the larger ones. Please forgive my attempts at humor too. I really do see what you're saying and think you raised some good points.

If only Roberto Fernandez would post here and say, "Hey guys! Leave me in peace. I'm an exmember too!" But he's unwilling to do that and the reason seems fairly obvious. If he's not willing to talk to Sam on the phone, not willing to state publicly that he's actually out, and not even willing to tell Bill Curtis (a business associate who trusted him) where he honestly stands, what are we left to think?

And what should the course of action be?