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Mark, thanks for sharing this stuff

Posted by Donny on December 13, 2002 at 09:24:52

In Reply to: Poor kid,and they say things are "better now" posted by Holon on December 13, 2002 at 07:52:12:

I agree with Holon. We've been fed the line that things are getting better. The abuses of the past are the past. But the truth is (and why are we not surprised?) that the Family remains a destructive, abusive mind-control cult who would rather destroy children than let them step out of the cult into the real world, even to fathers and mothers who are desperate to be with them and care for them.

I'm relieved to hear that even Family members find the LJR weirder than weird and that most of them don't bother to practise it. Yet how many people's heads has it screwed over and weirded out in the meantime? How many kids will spend their whole lives only thinking of Jesus in explicitly sexual terms? Or "talking dirty" to him? I mean, it's bad enough that the kids were sexually abused by people in the Family, but why do the poor kids have to imagine that Jesus himself has a perpetual hard-on and wants more than anything to get into their pants? How sick does it get?

I'm not surprised that a majority of young adults in the cult are just biding their time, skimming the pub titles and waiting till they can get out of the group. This is the great army that Berg and Zerby dreamed of?

I think it's also pathetic that your son spent most of his life in Japan but can't speak Japanese. If that is a commentary on the rest of the sub-standard "education" he received, then it sure doesn't speak well for improved life in the Family. I guess they only promised all these things in the Charter just to win the British court case, and when that was over, they went back to business as usual.

By the way, are you saying your son left just a very brief time ago, like a month or so? Wishing you the very best in renewing your relationship.