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Re: The current state of the F from a teen perspective.

Posted by exember on December 13, 2002 at 17:02:51

In Reply to: The current state of the F from a teen perspective. posted by Just a Thought/Mark on December 13, 2002 at 06:20:52:

i'm glad to hear that at least your son was notsexually abused. but he said that if he had been a girl he would have been. 2002 - 18 = 1984. is he saying that sexual abuse of minors was hapening as late as nearly 1990? or is he refering to the older teen girls who wer abused?

boys were abused in the Faimly sexually too. I know SGA guyswho testify they were abused. dont' forget that the whole point of the Davidito book was to teach mothers& childcare workers to suck their littleboys & fondle them. it blows my mind that berg promoted incest on such a huge scale!! we often think of the 2nd generation geting abused, meaning girls by older 'uncles' but it wasnt' limited that way.

what also makes me sick is that tho a lot of people like Achick & jane & Goth were shocked by the stuff in the Davidito book & didn't practice it & grabbed their kids & got out a lot of other mothers did practice it. some of them never had any tendencies beofr to do such things & never thot aobut it, but they just wnated to be obedient &'revolutionary.' i sometimes wonder how many mothers obeyed the leter 'Uncircumcision' & did that thinking htey were just losening up their litle boy's foreskin & now years lter are tormented by the memoreis now that they see what they did. i feel sorry for the boys who sufferd that & I pity for the women who feel so much regret that it nearly eats them up.