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I don't get it

Posted by Acheick on December 15, 2002 at 00:11:49

In Reply to: The current state of the F from a teen perspective. posted by Just a Thought/Mark on December 13, 2002 at 06:20:52:

First of all, Mark, I am thrilled to hear of you finding your son and that you have been reconciled and are together now. Of course, the years lost can never be replaced. My husband and I went through that with his two children. Even after finding them after so many years, the time lost cannot be recovered and it's so heartbreaking that it's hard to bear. I hope you have a better go of it.

What I don't understand right now is how your son has seen things for what they are. My stepdaughter, however, has returned to the F. in Europe after trying to make a go of it on her own. She claims she was just too sad and is much happier in the home she is in now and that they are on the outskirts of F. life yet they are in the F. and are happy working together. She claims she has found happiness, finally, and is clutching it hoping to keep the moment forever. Her description and your son's description are so different. How do I tell her that she's in for yet another big let down, that she ran from "the system" because she was not raised with the stamina to tough things out, that she was pampered all her life and is so used to people handing her things, living off of other people's hard work, that she had to return if nothing else but for the lifestyle. It breaks our hearts to see it happen, yet I have no idea how to deal with it or why her account would be so different. I think there are different standards in the F. in different parts of the world. It's almost like a major split as the differences are on a large scale. Where was your son at mostly?