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the day you left the Family

Posted by exmember on December 15, 2002 at 23:36:51

i'm curious how the restof you guys feltthe day you left teh Family. i felt such a weight lift off me. i felt so happy & free. but i've heard others left condemned not quite sure if they were leaving God'swill or what. i think by the time i left the Family i was convinced leadership hadleft God'swill.

another related thing. how many of you guys were able to walk out with more than just your suitcase & kids? any of you have any sucess in hanging on to flee funds or have even a penny to start your newlife?

the quesition that begs to be asked is why did we forsake all again after so many years & leave loved ones & financial comfort & a lifestyle.what drove us? is it a differnet story for each of us or all pretty much the same? fed up, seen to much rules changed & finally a new crazy leter arrived & that was it?