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dismantling the family good idea - bad idea?

Posted by exmember on December 17, 2002 at 23:28:32

i've read posts by Rocky wherehe says the Family needs tob e dismantled. i'm not sure what rocky has in mind to maekthat happen but it sounds good. but more & more i hear people saying they have no intentin of dismantling the Family - as long's they account for the abuses & crimes let them be as a religious orginization. then Donny says if you try to make them account you star t with Maria & Peter in court & that would righ there put the brakes onthe Family. i dont' know how donny ever figures anyone cold ever get M&P in court but he may have a point. for the record i dont think theyll ever allow themself to be caught. i realy dont think it's going to happen unless they slip up or Gary or one of there staff blows the whistle on them. i personaly would like to see M&P arrested at some border crossing with 3 diferent passports on them. but i dont think it's going to happen.