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An Open Letter from Ed Priebe - Nov.15, 2000

Posted by Hugo Gabutti (reposted) on December 18, 2002 at 13:24:36

Dear Ed,

Two years and two days ago you posted de letter of the reference. By the way ˇHappy birthday to your letter (with a delay of forty eight hours though)!

Please forgive my irony. Wouldn’t you accept a little jock from an old friend?

Let’s be a little more serious now. Do you remember saying that you would like to take your time to respond to my questions? Well, I do remember this and please allow me to say that you have had more than enough time by now, haven’t you?

Perhaps it is a difficult task for you to write a proper answer to my questions or you are afraid to commit a mistake, to be wrong or it is possible that, by doing so, you might be somewhat embarrassed? I sincerely hope that neither of these is the correct answer. I rather prefer to think that you just forgot.

Please receive my warmest regards,
Hugo Gabutti