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Three Points, and not solely directed at Karen

Posted by Concentrate! on December 19, 2002 at 06:28:21

In Reply to: Re: The raids did accomplish some good posted by Karen on December 19, 2002 at 03:50:28:

1) Heard of the concept of complicity? Even in the US accomplice liability exists, as does conspiracy.

2a) Do you have information about the child trafficking that was going on that triggered the raids? Didn't think so. As you well noted, you are not knowledgeable about all the details. That's OK, but it's surprising how people who aren't (most people who comment on Argentina, that is) are not but feel free to give a verdict when they only heard the Family's side. Funny, the Family is always wrong...EXCEPT in Argentina.
2b) funny how even some who may have been there forget what was going on and are so free with uninformed judgments of's everybody's prerogative to flip-flop, but to say what somebody should have done with no apparent recollection of what went on, not to mention a total lack of a real-world sense of proportion when it comes to the crimes commited upon the person judged? Get real.

That's my hard side. My soft side says, I thought you (u know who u are) were an empathetic guy. I wish you the best, don't get me wrong, but do u think somebody all of a sudden has all the burden on them and is supposed to be over the trauma because they're out? Motherless? A hint, too: discretion, Iknow, Iknow, not part of Family training but it makes life better. And BTW, all witnesses still there at the time underwent the exact same exams as P.

3) Heard of the concept of Jurisdiction? Argentina had jurisdiction in that case. You live and operate somewhere, you submit yourself to their jurisdiction (that is even the case in our benefit-of-the-doubt US system! Whaddaya know!!). Yes, preaching the gospel of whatever in a country is ample reason to give them venue. It makes no sense to repeat how differently the US might have handled such a case. Every country has its own laws and the right to apply them. I wonder how much fun the Family would have had in Singapore, Indonesia...some muslim-law countries...just a thought. You don't like the country's legal system? You take your communes and your publications elsewehere.

"Persecutions" are no fun. The Family breeds theirs to expect it. In my case, all negative things I went throught in the Family I count as factors that made me leave sooner and have more time to accomplish what I have. There was ample trauma in the Family besides raids, and when the Family was so closed and unresponsive to relatives of minors seeking said minors, pacifistic gestures got them nowhere. Believe me, they tried. It's great if the F are now more accessible and such things do not need to happen. But the Family chose the tone of opposition to it. What sense does it make to rewrite the script of what somebody else should have done by the standards of what today's Family has become, thanks in part to things like the British case, which (do the math) was handed down AFTER '93 and Argentina.

Peace on Earth to People of GOODWILL y'all.