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Wheres that post by ray about Fernendez?

Posted by exmember on December 20, 2002 at 00:26:08

somewhere down the boardray said hed talked to Roberto fernendez a year ago & fernendez ha d admitted at the time thathe was a Family member. anyone know where that post is?

the reason i ask is becuase fernendez really did a song & dance when he sent out that letter to his film friend & said he was OUT of the family &working idependently. but a year b4 he confessed he was a member. yet he was working on Sunny side up b4 he met ray & after he met ray & hes still working on SSU now. get it? if he was a charter member when the project began & was loyal to P&M & taking theri counsel& did he grab control of th eproject at some point & decide to go Indepentent & not listne to theircounsel & leters & advice anymore? unless its all a big lie & cover up.

anybody else smell something fishy?