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Berg's dental and medical advice

Posted by Donny on December 20, 2002 at 09:17:58

In Reply to: Dental Advice posted by Jesse (rockon) on December 20, 2002 at 08:30:57:

What a good lesson. Just yesterday I caught myself doing something out of Family habit too and was stunned when I realized what I was doing. Personally though about the only good advice Berg gave on health issues was in the "Health Revolution" where he confessed that he was only repeating stuff he'd learned from reading books. So I'd rather bypass Berg completely and go to the original sane writers who didn't have a weird spin to put to common everyday advice.

More healthy advice from Berg/the Family:

Don't eat pork. It's forbidden. Unless you cook it well or like bacon.

Don't innoculate your kids. Lie to the authorities and say, "They have their shots." It's better that teen mothers not be innoculated for measles even though later there would be cases of mongoloid kids born because women got measles when they were pregnant.

If your child has a really high fever don't cool them down. Let the fever burn out the germs. If the fever gets TOO high and begins burning out their brain too, pray for them.

Every accident, sickness and common cold is God punishing you. Unless you are a leader. Then it's an attack of the Day-vil.

Don't go to the doctor for VD. Pray for it to go away.

Don't go to the doctor for serious life-threatening illness. Pray and rebuke Oplexicon. If necessary, also rebuke Pan, Ashtaroth and other demons.

You may follow the freedom of the "Davidito" book. That's fine. But if you eat white sugar you are excommunicated.

You may not eat shrimp or other disgusting sea-food, but women, when performing oral sex, be sure to swallow. Those nutrients are good for you.