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Posted by Jules on December 20, 2002 at 20:41:27

In Reply to: I think we have a conflict of definitions posted by Karen on December 20, 2002 at 18:11:06:

Although this was not Argentina, I and my sister were separated from our parents (at 12 and 11 respectively). We were sent to a compound with a POA given to people we did not know and would not see when we were there. We were locked in at night, and the grounds at night were patroled with armed guards. My parents were halfway on the other side of the world and we had no way to contact them.
We were expected to put in an 8 hour work day with no compensation. I received perhaps a total of 4 hours of scholastic education in the year that I was there. While we were not subjected to physical molestation there (apart from the usual dance nights and groping hugs), among other things, we were not allowed to wear clothes while resting and were not allowed to cover ouselves (under pain of punishment) if a male of whatever age came into our sleeping quarters.
The working conditions continued until I left (and the work day increased to about 10-14 hours from the age of 14-18), while the sexual abuse alternatively worsened and better I and was never to live with my parents again.
The key word here is exploitative, and I think this qualifies.