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Final warning to disruptive poster

Posted by WC (Gen. Coord) on December 23, 2002 at 03:40:29

This message is for the person who wrote the fraudulent post impersonating Joseph and Jane. You know who you are. Up till this point we have been considerate of your feelings. That is why we chose to write you emails behind the scenes. You did not abide by your own earlier suggestion to stop posting so frequently. You posted almost 300 posts under no less than 45 different pen names in a 30 day period, and your posts were often confusing and added little value to the discussions on this board. While we can tolerate a certain amount of this since you were never a member of the Family and initially approached us for advice, you have recently crossed several ethical lines.

First, you deliberately misled the posters and coordinators about yourself, and we wrote you: "you must understand that misleading or lying to a group of people who were horribly misled and lied to for much of their young adult lives is not a constructive measure and will only add more problems to an already explosive and emotional environment. Please understand that we simply cannot condone or allow this type of behavior on our board, for the sake of those recovering from such serious abusive issues."

Second, you impersonated the coordinator of another board, Joseph, and his wife Jane. This is unacceptable.

Third, you have sent us emails telling us that you were hacking into people’s computer systems. If we felt you were at all serious or capable of such actions we would have reported you. As it is we are treating your comments as malicious but empty boasts.

Fourth, you were banned from this board because of all the reasons above, but have used other computers to continue posting.

Your impersonation of Joseph and Jane yesterday morning was the final straw. Please take us seriously. This is your last warning before we expose you and give your full history of misdemeanors, including your statements about hacking into computers. We urge you to cease overstepping the commonly-accepted rules of the net and to stop posting on this board. This is your last chance to save face. Please accept it. Be thankful you were never a member of the Family, walk away from this board and allow us to sort out our experiences. Thank you.

WC (Gen. Coord)