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What about St. Nicholas?

Posted by Donny on December 25, 2002 at 17:54:40

In Reply to: Left cookies out for Santa???? posted by Acheick on December 25, 2002 at 17:04:47:

Though you surely know this, St. Nicholas was a real historical figure though his story was embellished beginning about 1820 in particular. Nicholas was a Christian bishop of Mysia in Turkey about 400 AD & he was famous for giving gifts so he was a natural to become Father Christmas. And as you know, Santa (Saint)Claus is short for Saint Nicholas. So come on Acheick, go ahead and tell your kids there truly was/is a St. Nicholas. I double dog dare ya!

Besides, and this is worth a laugh, remember who it was who mocked Santa Claus the most? ABRHAHIM! In ML 301:2-3 Berg dissed Santa Claus then Abrahim said, "It was not so when I was young. We didn't follow foolish and vain imaginations. You don't deceive the people with evil imagination and fantasies."

Like, ahem, WHO was not real? WHO was the fantasy? I think Abrahim fits the description of "foolish and vain imaginations" and "evil imagintion and fantasies" better then St. Nicholas.

Go ahead and put out cookies for St. Nick! In fact, next year PD, make sure they're peanut butter cookies! That will drive the ghost of Grandpa crazy as he and Abrahim go around checking the cupboards. (Yes, they go together. Mo is still on the Buddy System in the spirit world.)