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Life is so darn complicated

Posted by Singin O'Patrick on December 26, 2002 at 10:17:45

In Reply to: Re: and to you too posted by Peter in CR on December 26, 2002 at 08:41:08:

(Inspired by Peter CR's post. Sung to the tune of any song you darn well please.)

Life is so darn complicated,
Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Don't you miss those good ole days,
Those 'smile-&-just-obey-Mo' ole days,
When life was so simple & plain?
The Antichrist was already in powwww-errrrrr!
This was the very last houuuuuuuuuuuu-urrrrr!
Heaven was in the moon, the End was at hand!
With things so frantic, who needs to understand?
Don't you miss those simple days,
Those cookie-cutter brain-devoid disciples days,
Those don't-think-just-obey-what-I-say days,
Those don't-question-just-suck-&-swallow days,
Those good ole days in the Fammmm-ii-leeeeee!!

But now life is so darn complicated!
This freedom from the cult is so overrated!
Decisions, decisions all the dog-nabbed day.
Yes life is so darn complicated
When you're free to think for yourself.
And you're free to make choices
And do what you darn well pleeeeeasssse!
Smile, darn ya, smile, and say Cheeeeeeze!

Cause life is so darn complicated,
This freedom from the cult is so overrated,
Don't it make you wish for those cookie-cutter days?
Those do-my-thinking-for-me-please ole days,
Those tell-me-exactly-how-many-sheets (is it 3?) days,
Those just-say-jump-&-I'll-off-the-ground days.

OOoooooooooooooooo life is so darn complicated.
Decisions, decisions, decisions,
Thinking for myself and making my own way,
I better reclaim my brain cause I'm needing it now
How ever thought I would see this day?
When I make up my mind and no Mo-letter comes
To unmake my mind and make me act dumb!

Oooooooo life is so darn complicated!
Don't it make you wish for the brainless days?
The mindless just-say-it-&-I'll-obey-it days?
Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Choices, choices, choices!