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Christmas at my son's

Posted by goth88 on December 26, 2002 at 13:31:14

Hi. I just wanted to say that one of the most damaging thing that my kids experienced was the separation from parents, even when I was around them. This was forced, and when I balked about the separation I got batted out to a home under severe leaders and they(my kids, )could have been lost to me forever in the family's world wide (spider) web. This happened on more than one occasion. When I left, there was so much devastation ahead for such a long time, but since then I have gotten closest to the one I was separated from the most. We spent Christmas at his home and it was quite nice. He is very successful and has such a very tender heart. All three of my kids are financially successful and have managed quite well since leaving. They have no other family ties besides me as far as their family of origin. That is hard. But they are fiercely independent and hate church. So they are pretty cult-proofed! I just wanted to say that it took some time and alot of talks, some very painful, to get past all the misdirected anger and the anger that was on target. But healing is a positive and possible aspect. For those who are separated from their kids, and those who are separated from their parents or other family of origin, and for those who are left with the painful question of who your parents even are,I hope for your reconciliation or that you have people in your lives that can fill some of the aspects of those connections. That boost to get you through. Here's wishing you all a pleasant holiday season!