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Re: age of accountibility

Posted by goth88 on December 31, 2002 at 13:29:39

In Reply to: age of accountibility posted by exmember on December 30, 2002 at 23:18:40:

It is sad to see all the divisions between exers regarding the accountablity issue. The age of accountability in law is quite a bit younger now since kids have started murdering parents or other kids or adults for money, things, status or whatever.
What I am wondering is what constitutes accountability. There is the defense guilty by reason of insanity. This defense has been widely abused so that it is not the best one to try, but there are cases where it does apply.
I personally believe that once people leave the family, and get those conditionings from the family out of them, then they CAN look back at things they have done and say that was really horrible. In fact, for some, so horrible they don't even want to live with the thought of it.
Why did women stay in the group when they were so objectified and abused sexually, and in other ways? Why did some men stay in and let go of their families at the whim of a higher up? Why didn't we protest? Because as adults we were gradually coerced into accepting things we would never have accepted in our right minds. Not being in our right minds, we did not report child abuse because we didn't recognize it. We were conditioned to beleive that seeing it as bad was a lack of spirituality, a weakness on our parts, and as adults many of us were often dealt with on numerous occasions for any expressions against it or non-compliance. (And I left way before the JETTS stuff started and the Heavens Girl letter, etc.) This included busted to babes status, humiliating hard labor (for some) and rigid punishing leadership who were also sometimes sexually abusive. And certainly emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. I was taught that my gut feeling was evil. I was taught, as other adults to report on myself or others. Because of having been sexually, physically and emotionally abused as a child, my reaction to things I could not handle was to jump out of the family when the situation was right. (Meaning funds were there, kids were there and the desire to leap was great) I felt like I was wrong, but LOOKING BACK I realize some of the motivation was with regards to the sexual revolution and seeing it filter down to kids and getting a grasp of what was to come before it did. I am glad all things came together to JUMP and get out when I did, and without the amount of baggage of accountability that many others would face looking back.
It is really sad that kids are taught in the family that child sex is good (fondling etc. now and teen sex at early ages plus whatever goes on at levels of secrecy and behind their PR screen)
because it is really hard to correct pedophilia when it is instilled at early ages once a kid has begun to act it out. All I can say is that I know how much it would have meant to me to have a perpetrator admit their guilt, and by the real worlds standard, these perpetrators were knowingly guilty of crime. In the family the crime was not participating in this shit. I just believe that all exers could help each other so much to understand each other from their stories and work together or separately with less personal division regarding age to expose the head of the beast. (P& M now). And I also believe that pursuing individually any cases against perpetrators still in the family would be a positive thing even tho current members are not in their right mind (all of them) because it would show that the world around them does not acknowledge what they do as anything less than a crime of the worst sort. And the crimes are so much more than just sexual. Anyway, I hope everyone has as happy of a New Years celebration as possible. No O.D.'s please!!!!