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Urgent message for the women

Posted by Mama and My Peter on January 06, 2003 at 07:34:35

Mo speaking:
We finally got through. The vandari spirits have been hindering us.
I'll let the lord tell you himself.

lord speaking:
Iíve been having a wonderful time with the men and their fake vaginas. Lotís of companionship and fucking. But we have a serious and urgent problem The spirit has been seriously negelected and is both lonely and horny. The lord wants the women to assume fake penises and start fucking the spiritís brains out.

Weeping and tongues. Hebody Peabody horny bajorny bahorny baloney balonely bahorny. Oh yes , my lord , how could I have been such a moron. Itís so obvious. Weí ve been seriously neglecting the spirit. Weíre so sorry and weíll rectify the situation immeditately. My lovely Peter please wake up.

Uh duh, what is it mama ?

Iíve just received a most urgent message from Mo and the lord.
We must send out a decree that all the women assume fake penises and start fucking the spiritís brains out. The spirit has been seriously negelected. The spirit is very lonely and very horny.

Yes mama. The decree will go out immediately.