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Re: I can relate - love bombing

Posted by Donny on January 09, 2003 at 00:17:11

In Reply to: I can relate - love bombing posted by Acheick on January 08, 2003 at 22:15:16:

Interesting thought. You said, "they will drop you like a hot potato when they've used up everything they can get out of you. Definitely not a true blue friend to the end. But as you say, some of the individuals can be, if they want to, but most chose not to."

It was really the rare individual who "chose" to still be friendly to someone who had left. After all, they weren't left much wiggle-room to choose. Once someone left they were considered a backslider, Jesus' puke, a half-heart, fucking the Whore, a potential Judas, a weak sister. It's like you walked out the doors and you were hit with about 40 labels and a wall went up that even most loving, normally caring individuals did not dare to cross over, even if they wanted to.

Unless you were super-friendly and licking the boots of "God's elite storm troopers" and they could maybe get PR mileage out of you or money or whatever, there was not a lot of motive to cross over the line into backslider territory and be nice. I'm not saying a few kind souls didn't want to, and didn't nurse a broken heart inside, but most of them (and us) toed the line and shunned the backsiders so-called.

Even if the shunning wasn't deliberately malicious, still they were the elite, the 110%ers and we were "fallen". It just didn't make sense to associate with what they were conditioned to think were losers. But let's not judge them too harshly. We were in the group and had the same mindset once.