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Re: Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Posted by reader on January 09, 2003 at 09:47:21

In Reply to: Re: Correct me if I'm wrong, but posted by legal thinker on January 09, 2003 at 09:14:34:

Hey legal thinker, you sound a bit like someone called ethicist...and you bring up excellent points about ethics.

The issue here:
what you are raising is a problem that goes beyond what the 'justice system' can be in the case of the F - it deals with what criminologists have to face all the time in the Violence in the Family area.
I explain: there are many forms of violence and abuse that can hardly be 'proven.' Was it 'violent' to have a nude candlelight ceremony as described above? Was it violent to have a 'loving exchange' between a young boy and an adult woman? Is it violent to play around sexually with children when you leave no marks?
David Berg counseled against 'fucking' b4 girls were menstruating. You could do other things, but that. That is something that is known to many people who have that kind of sexual 'preference.'
It wasn't an original idea of David Berg as a 'prophet.'
So...trying to prove let us say acts of oral sex (just to pick something I have direct experience with) or whatever ELSE becomes impossible for various reasons: HOW do you 'prove' that? Most people would rather not believe these things CAN happen and DO happen because not believing them is EASIER than having to deal with the fact that these things happen, are atrocious, and they have to be reckoned with and dealt with at a social level. And the 'nicer' people who do those things seem to be, the easier it is to turn one's head and say, there is NO proof. That is why the occasional and unsuspected videocamera used by a bystander causes so much uproar when footage is available, because at that point it becomes IMpossible to not 'believe' what your eyes are seeing.
This is the reason why the footage of the little girls dancing with scarves in the F has done MORE to convey a message than reams of paper that have been written. Most of the time there are NO candid cameras, so do you have any solution you can offer for any of these flaws in 'human nature,' (I would love to use the word 'evil' instead, without getting a religious trigger, because of the way that word is abused by perpetrators who think they are 'persecuted' instead of reaping the results of some of what they sowed) aside from very IMperfect attempts that become social problems themselves as what happened in Argentina?