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Re: This is cool is a kind of sick way, Joseph :c)

Posted by Joseph on January 09, 2003 at 12:02:30

In Reply to: This is cool is a kind of sick way, Joseph :c) posted by Donny on January 09, 2003 at 08:52:22:

It's funny. At the time I was clear that Jane was in a cult. I just didn't know I was in one too.

I really didn't try to get her into the training for some reason. I guess I thought she already had this thing she was into. It surprised me when she told me one day she wanted to take it.

Organizations like Landmark are probably not comparable to the COG/Family in terms of what it does to people, and the level at which one participates. I do think that some Landmark people, especially ones on staff like the trainers are probably having a full on cult experience.

I have to admit I'm confused about the whole thing to this day. I really was all consumed by it. Even when I was at my job or with my family, it is all I thought or talked about. Everything had to relate back to something about est.

I still think about it a lot. Probably 95% of what I know about sales, I learned at est, and still use. I also fall back on some of that stuff when in an argument. There really was some good stuff, but like most of these things it gets taken too far.