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Re: See Peter Pangloss' post below

Posted by another thinker on January 09, 2003 at 12:09:58

In Reply to: See Peter Pangloss' post below posted by reader on January 09, 2003 at 11:51:47:

Right. Otherwise, the F. is doing a pretty good job of switching the issue back to their victims as the problem and off of themselves. They are very clever at doing that, don't be fooled. It's unfortunate what the Argentine police or people in charge resorted to, but I doubt that people speaking up about the victims realized the repurcussions that would ensue. No one wants that, at least no one I know, and repeatedly trying to pin the blame on what happened to outside forces or exmembers is taking away from what TF is guilty of and how they have effectively hidden away virtual pedephiles and child molesters within their midst. They should be going through what the Catholic church is going through right now, but they are not.

Why must it always come down to the worst scenario of what could happen or what did happen in Argentina? How about a public outcry or simple putting pressure where pressure is due?

I just read something in the morning paper about Gary Glitter. Remember him? Apparently, he had been arrested and convicted of child pornography and had served half of a 4 mo. sentence. He has been living quietly in Cambodia but was found to be living there illegally. Finally, because of public outcry, he has been barred from ever returning there again. Apparently, the Cambodian people have decided they do not want a pedophile living amongst them illegally.

Yes, the individuals must be targeted and not the innocent members, so who is going to be the judge? And yes, there are sane ways of going about targeting the crimes, certainly something should be done rather than sitting on our hands and hoping it all goes away.