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Let me guess

Posted by Post R on January 10, 2003 at 11:23:31

In Reply to: police raids against the Family in the U.S. posted by exmember on January 10, 2003 at 10:49:48:

Because one or more of the following reasons...

1. Those who know something choose not to tell
2. Those who are guilty of something hide away
3. The Family PR teams are always at work
4. Outsiders are uninformed
5. Outsiders are misinformed
6. Outsiders are uninterested
7. Outsiders are unconcerned
8. Family members are totally isolated from outside information
9. Family members isolation makes them ignorant of their own condition
10. Victims of abusive or criminal behavior do not publicly come out
11. Not everybody involved agrees to what abuse or criminal behavior is
12. Some people have a personal interest (such as loved ones still in The Family) and do not want to hinder the little contact they have with them.

Conclusion 1: There is no smoking gun, yet
Conclusion 2: There is no understanding of the problem's magnitude
Conclusion 3: There is no general will to address the problem
Conclusion 4: There is no consensus as to how to address the problem

In my opinion, this is a big problem that cannot be addressed in a general one-size-fit-to-all solution. The oppressive environment where we all lived didn't allowed individuality, and even discouraged it. If there is anything people who lived in such oppressive environments need is one where they can explore their own capabilities.

The solution I favor is to promote conversation and exchange of information that can lead individuals to make their own decisions as to how to deal with this type of problems. What is important is to provide a network of support and a platform of empowerment for people.