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Re: Refresh your Swedish! :)

Posted by goth88 on January 10, 2003 at 16:27:23

In Reply to: Refresh your Swedish! :) posted by Swede on January 10, 2003 at 08:33:42:

Under tiden jag var med i gruppen hade jag namnen Sharon. Do u have pics, where were you? You were not married to Charity were you? When I was in Indonesia and Singapore I was traveling with my kids and a West German guy (Gabriel). We were given one of those "free choices" of leaving for a field, but then when we got there we were told we could not come by any homes there because we were not cleared to go there. (Even tho, from everything we knew, we were). We met a Swiss Couple there that we were supposed to be joining. They had to leave shortly after we got there. We survived by singing in clubs and restaurants and then bought tickets to go to Singapore. When there, we also sang and, well this is a long story, but we only ran across the family once (in Djakarta) when we were invited to sing for the president of the Indonesian society's classical guitar assoc. group (youth) and they had gathered some money (unknown to us!) to help us on our way. There was some guy from the family there. I know he knew who we were by the songs we sang, but I don't really remember speaking with him. So the greatest chance of me knowing you would have been Sweden. Were you in Goteborg? Under Pearl and Ja-something or other (she: Swedish, he:American?) Where they staged the mock break-ins etc? I was there, big and pg. with my 3rd kid, who was born there. and I went litnessing with someone named Jonas a number of times at a mall called Femmans or something like that, alot. Sometimes other places other people. (I think) while there....(Not the one who married Charity).
How long are u out of the fam now? I understood every word you wrote! Except for one (but understood the sentence!) what does "tyvarr" mean? As far as photos, will look that up.